I am pleased to announce the release of MERCY FIRST AND LAST, a novel that relates the tangled love affair of Robert Emmet and Sarah Curran. The book is now available, published on the anniversary of Robert Emmet's execution. In this centennial year marking one hundred years of Irish independence, MERCY FIRST AND LAST will prove to be a very timely, and most intriguing, work of historical fiction.




The youngest daughter of a prominent radical politician, Sarah Curran comes of age in an era of rebellion and revolution, buffeted by tragedy and scandal. She has long known Robert Emmet, but not until she is caught up in the fevered calls for Irish independence does she fall in love with the budding revolutionary leader.

 Her father forbids their union, but a child raised in a climate of insurrection veers towards her own small rebellion. Determined to win her father's acclaim, she strives to raise his fortunes through marriage to Ireland's future ruler---certain that the uprising cannot fail, even as Emmet's plans fall apart with deadly consequences.